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Zeke O'Connell

Senior Sales Executive


(614) 717-3100


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A Bit About Me

Ezekiel O'Connell's faith-based approach to entrepreneurship exemplifies the power of combining one's personal beliefs with professional pursuits. 

His journey began as a successful gym owner before transitioning to the roofing industry. Guided by strong values like; integrity, compassion, and transparency, Ezekiel's business approach revolves around his unwavering faith.


He fosters a supportive and purpose-driven work culture, where open communication and genuine care for his team members are paramount. His commitment to making a positive impact extends beyond the business, as he actively engages in charitable initiatives and gives back to the community.


With a focus on ethical practices and building trust with clients. Through his leadership and dedication to his beliefs, he continues to inspire others to infuse their professional endeavors with personal values, leaving a lasting mark on both his team and the world around him.

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