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Our Services



At CRC, we offer an automatic upgrade from a standard 3-tab roof to a stunning architectural design. In addition, we provide Metal GAF Master Shingles and various other roofing options. We cater to both retail customers and insurance-based solutions, ensuring that we meet the unique needs of every homeowner and their home.


We proudly offer high-quality 5" and 6" Top Line Gutters at the best prices in the market. With each gutter installation, we provide the option to include three types of gutter guards, which effectively protect your investment and extend its lifespan.



As a certified James Hardy installer, we offer competitive pricing on the highest quality siding in the United States. Our siding is also fire resistant, non- toxic, insect repelling and has non pro-rated warranties. Every project adds instant equity to your home plus you have 700 colors to choose from. 


We provide effective blown-in solutions for your attic, offering both cellulose and fiberglass insulation options. Our thorough inspections include checking for mold, mildew, and moisture to ensure a healthy and safe environment. Additionally, it safeguards your shingles from excessive heat exposure, preventing premature wear and tear.



Whether you need a rubber, metal, or architectural roofing system, our team is equipped to handle your project with excellence. We cater to both retail customers and insurance-based restoration, providing flexible solutions that meet your unique requirements.

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